Main aim of the holistic massage is to release the body from neuromuscular tension and also help it to absorb the therapeutic essential oils.

The essential oils contain the healing properties of the plants, extracts in high concentration and work like balm for the body and the soul… gifts you mental and physical invigoration.


Body peeling – made from natural products – are ideal for removing old skin cells and prepare the skin to the penetration of active agents of following treatments, containing irritating substances, which remove the upper, and in part the lower skin layers. This stimulates the cells to build new, young and smooth skin.

The shower and finally the massage with essential oils work like a balm for the body and also for the soul. It is the perfect combination to relax and purify the body.


Ayurvedic massage according to indian medical techniques.
Refreshing, toning and dynamic massage/

-muscle relaxation-
-releases tensions of the body-
-balances and purifies in whole-

Main objective of the indian body massage is to acchieve maximum healing results all over the body, through a refreshing, toning and dynamic massage session (e.g. vessel diastole, hyperemia, softening muscle spasms).
The indian head massage (or indian scalp) aims to unlock the heads pressures and neck tensions, in order to help both head and neck move in all directions and acchieve optimum angles.

Both indian body&head massage are applied by use of relaxing and calming techniques and special deep healing pressures.


Hot Stones Massage us a oricess which combines massage method with the therapeutic properties of the oils following the massage with the healing stones.

  • Releases energy
  • Relaxes and creates wellbeing
  • Releases stress soothing anxiety
  • Relieves stress, tension and pain

The Sea Lotus extract, an innovative scientific discover, holds the secret to smoother skin. A unique exfoliation is followed by an inspired combination of Lipolysis anti-cellulite gel and a stimutlating massage to target specific areas of fatty issues. The energising abdominal massage and body-contouring mask further eliminate toxins that contribute to cellulite formation resulting in a smooth and velvety soft skin.